pilates private & duet sessions


Whether you are new to Pilates, or have years of experience behind you, we recommend our one-on-one sessions for getting the most out of your visit with us.  Private sessions allow us to tailor each workout directly to your needs, which ensures that you will be properly challenged no matter your initial skill level. Our instructors will monitor you closely and prompt you with detailed feedback as they adapt each exercise to your body and your goals.

Because each person's physical history is unique, Private Sessions are the most effective way to reach your goal.  

Almost all of our clients prefer to get the full benefit of Pilates by continuing to take Private Sessions with us for many years, however some of our clients may only need a few sessions to reach their goal.  At Jean Marie Fitness & Pilates we are open to your needs, whether they are large or small.


Pilates Starter Package: First 3 private Pilates sessions for $150

We give new clients a chance to discover what our Pilates personal training is like with this one time-discounted package of 3 sessions. (1 hour each) 

Private Session Packages:

After you complete a Starter Pack you can consider taking 1 session at a time, or if you're interested in working out with Jean 1, 2 or 3 times per week, ask her about getting on a weekly Pilates personal training schedule. Jean will suggest the right program and package that is suitable for your goals and needs. 

Personal Training Packages:

1 Session: $75

10 sessions for $647 

20 sessions for $1139

-Each 1 hour session is based on 55 minutes.

-Packages expire 3 months after first session.

-NOTE:  Your Personal Training sessions can include any of Jean's personal training services including  Pilates, Essentrics sessions, Core Align Sessions, TRX, Stretching, Mat Meditation Suspension Training  Sessions, Nutrition coaching, Weight Loss coaching. 

DUET PILATES PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS- Share your workouts with a friend.

Duet Sessions give you and a friend or family member the benefit of private instruction.  To get the most out of your Duet Session you should closely match your partner’s skill level and share similar fitness goals.  We encourage our Pilates clients to bring their own partner, but we are happy to find a match for you upon request.  No matter your reason for joining us, your personalized duet Pilates workout will typically include the Reformer, the Chair,  Mat and other props.  Your sessions may also include any other type of workout from Essentrics to Circuit Training and include all the studio's equipment.   


1 Hour Session: $50 per person

10 Sessions: $425 per person

-Each 1 hr. session is based on 55 minutes.

-Packages expire 3 months after first session.