Why Essentrics?



Jean Deferrari teaches private and group Essentrics classes at Jean Marie Fitness & Pilates in Palm Harbor., FL.  


Why Essentrics?

ESSENTRICS is a dynamic, weight-free fitness program that strengthens the muscles in the elongated position; quickly creating a long, lean and rebalanced body.  This revolutionary fitness technique goes beyond changing the look of your body; It strengthens the muscles eccentrically, a concept opposite to the conventional, concentric view of strengthening. With the systematic use of techniques like rotational movement, PNF and isometrics, ESSENTRICS pulls the joints apart & empowers every muscle in the body.

New clients can get started with a private Essentrics class, or join one of our weekly Essentrics classes.  

Benefits of Essentrics 

  • Reduces inches overall
  • Creates long, lean muscles.
  • Reduces pain
  • Improves joint range of motion
  • Gets rid of tension and stiffness
  • Opens up the chest and hips
  • Elongates the spine
  • Improves  posture

Trying to lose weight?  After your Essentrics class you'll continue burning fat up to 24 hours class.......and the best part of Essentrics is while you're losing weight you will prevent stretch marks!

Our Essentrics Promise To You!  Try 1 month of Essentrics classes (2-3 times per week) at Jean Marie Fitness & lose at least 1 pant size in 30 days or less!

Essentrics & 180 Lifestyle Makeover! Combine 30 Days of Essentrics with a 180 Lifestyle Makeover Program and you'll lose 2 pant sizes!!!