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Jean Deferrari

Jean is a Pilates Instructor, Personal  Trainer, Essentrics Instructor and Nutrition Consultant.   Jean began her career in fitness in 1994 and became a Pilates instructor in 2001.  After many years of running, gymnastics, lifting weights and teaching kickboxing classes, Jean started taking Pilates to rehab her back pain and sacroiliac joint injury.  Inspired by the precision and control of Pilates she knew her personal training clients would benefit from Pilates, so she embarked in her first Pilates Instructor Training with Stott Pilates in 2001 and has been teaching Pilates ever since. Pilates is the only method of exercise Jean can practice without reinjury.   In addition to Stott Pilates, Jean has completed professional Pilates training with Power Pilates, PAI Pilates and PHI Pilates. Today Jean is completing additional Pilates training with Polestar Pilates in Miami, FL.  Polestar Pilates is the best Pilates rehabilitation and fitness certification and is well known for their research and studies.  Polestar has identified the principles common to evolved Pilates Instructors and Practictioners and further refined the Pilates Method with the latest science in biomechanics, motor learning, bioenergetics, and communication advancements. This helps make Pilates a safer and more effective environment to practice Pilates in!

Today, Jean has converted most all her personal training clients to Pilates clients.  Jean is dedicated to helping her clients improve their physical fitness and create healthier, happier lives through Pilates, fitness and health consultations and natural nutrition programs.  Jean's motto is to "be persistent, consistent and never give up".  She lives by the "golden rule" and treats all other persons the same way she wants to be treated with respect and kindess. 

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