Essentrics Classes


Certified Essentrics instructor, Jean Deferrari started teaching group fitness classes in 1995.  After teaching step aerobics, kickboxing, body pump, and high-low dance aerobic classes for years, Jean wanted to find a different class she could teach that was easy on the joints.  In 2010, she discovered Essentrics!  After 

practicing Essentrics classes daily for several months, she realized it was the perfect low impact stretching and strengthening program she was looking for.

Jean embarked in her Level 1 Essentrics Instructor training in 2011 and began teaching level 1 classes in 2012.  She has completed all 4 levels of the Essentrics Instructor Training program and has witnessed remarkable results with her client's bodies. 

Jean has hosted Essentrics Teacher Training Levels 1 and 2 at her studio, with Essentrics creator, Miranda Esmonde-White and she completed level 3 and level 4 trainings at the Essentrics Academy in Montreal (at Esmonde-White's studio).  Jean Marie Fitness & Pilates is proud to be the 1st Essentrics "host" studio for teaching training in Florida. 

If you'd like to train with Jean and take a private or group Essentrics class, give Jean a call at 727-698-8800. 

Essentrics Classes for Private Groups:  Take private Essentrics classes by yourself, or share your classes with up to 4 friends!

Private Class Pricing: $60 for 50 minutes, or $30 for 25 minutes (up to 4 persons max).


Mondays at 10:05am

Fridays at 10:05am

Saturdays at 10:05am (Saturday classes are back!!

-Call 24 hours prior to class to reserve a spot!  If no one has signed up 24 hours prior to class, class may be cancelled.


1 Class: $20 

*1 Month Series (28 day expiration):  

4 classes per month: $70 

8 classes per month: $120 

12 classes per month:  $160

*Package of 10 Classes $155 (6 month expiration)

*includes both Pilates Mat and Essentrics classes. 

There is a strict 24 hour cancellation policy in effect.    

-Class payments are final; no refunds. 

-Payments accepted by check or cash.

-Call today to book your first class!