Mat Classes

Pilates Mat Classes - 4-5 persons

Jean Deferrari has been teaching Pilates Mat classes since 2001.  Jean started teaching Pilates Mat classes after she completed her Stott Pilates Mat instructor training in 2001.  Jean has also completed Pilates Mat instructor training with Power Pilates (classical Pilates) and combines classical and contemporary Pilates in her classes.  After teaching large group Pilates Mat classes for many years at local gyms, Jean realized she enjoys teaching small group Pilates Mat classes the best.

Join Our Pilates Mat Class- Wednesdays at 10:05am

This Pilates Mat Better Backs, Bones & Balance class is safe for everyone.   Depending on your history and overall posture, many Pilates exercises may not be suitable for you. When you take our small group classes you'll learn modifications for exercises that help you create the healthy movement patterns your body needs. Bring your own towel and a mat.

Take your own Pilates Mat Class

Call us if you would like to take private Pilates Mat classes for just you or a group of friends (4 persons max). 


Pilates Mat for Bettter Backs, Bones & Balance- Wednesdays at 10:05am

Pricing for 10:05am classes: 

1 Class: $20 

*1 Month Series (28 day expiration):  

4 classes per month: $70, 8 classes per month: $120, 12 classes per month:  $160

*Package of 10 Classes: $155 (6 month expiration).

Pricing for a private class (for up to 4 friends):

$60 for 50 minutes; $30 for 25 minutes

*Includes both Pilates Mat and Essentrics classes. 

-There is a strict 24 hour cancellation policy in effect.  If you book a class in advance, and don't give a full 24 hour cancelation notice, you'll be charged for class.

-Class payments are final; no refunds. 

-Cash and check payments only.