The main benefits of Pilates is that it will improve your posture, realign your body and strengthen your core. 

Choose personal training (1 -2 persons) or group training (3-4 persons).  New clients get to take their first session at a discount. 

PILATES PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS: Tailor made for just 1 or 2 persons, personal training is suggested for persons with special needs, injuries, or medical conditions.  Once you've learned correct form and modifications, you can consider working out with a friend, or join group training.   We will use the Pilates Reformer equipment , Tower, chair and all the studio's equipment.

GROUP SESSIONS:  For just 3-4 persons, group training is a great way to stay accountable and motivated!  Join one of our ongoing training programs (see the Group Training Schedule), or get your own group of friends together!

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