Group Classes

Our group Pilates classes are for 4 persons maximum.  There are different classes for different levels.  Call to make an appointment for your first private Pilates session.

If you're new to our studio, you are welcome to join classes if you first begin with 1 to 3 private sessions first.  All new clients must be injury free and be able to get up and down from the floor comfortably and must be able to kneel without pain.  If you have any medical issues, or have been recently released from physical therapy, we recommend you start with 3 or more private sessions. 


$55 SPECIAL- If you have some Pilates experience, you can get started with 1 private 1 hour, 1 group class for $55.

3 PACK- $150 SPECIAL- For clients who are new to Pilates, you can get started with 3 privates at this one-time discounted rate $150 (plus get your first group class for free).


-Monday: 9am- Level 1

-Tuesday: 4pm - Level 1

-Tuesday: 6:15pm-  Level 2

-Wednesday: 5pm - Level 3

-Wednesday: 10am- Level 1

-Thursday: 4pm- Level 1

-Thursday:  6:15pm- Level 2

-Friday: 9am - Level 2

-Saturday- 9am - Level 1

-Saturday: 10am- Level 3

If you are looking for another class time, let us know. We may be able to add a class for you. 


$30 each class (55 min.)

5 pack for  $129

10 pack for $219

-3 month expiration on class packs