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Here is a little information about Jean Marie Fitness & Pilates in Palm Harbor, FL. Jean Marie,  an experienced Certified Fitness Trainer and Pilates professional has a strong background in fitness.  She earned her fitness instructor certification in 1991, personal trainer certification in 1995 and Pilates certification in 2003.  For over 20 years, Jean has worked with  persons of all ages, fitness levels and all walks of life.  Today, Jean's interests are Pilates for adults over 40, Pilates for wellness and therapeutic exercise for back pain, and nutrition coaching for weight loss, nutrition for anti-aging and sports nutrition. 

Jean's mission is that all her clients leave her studio feeling better than when they came in. She strives to always grow to be better everyday so that her clients can be assured they receive the highest quality Pilates instruction possible and feel stronger, centered and aligned after every Pilates workout. 

Let Jean help you transform your body and health with Pilates. Choose private sessions, duets, or small group classes.  


New Personal Training Clients can begin with a Pilates Intro Session for $45.

New Group Class Clients can begin with a Group Class Intro Session for $25.