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Palm harbor pilates studio

Rates & Policies


Call us if you have any questions and we can help you determine what special you can begin with. 


  • First Pilates Session: $55 for your first private session. ($20 savings)
  • First 5 Private Sessions: $275 ($100 savings) get 1 free Mat Class  ($20 savings)
  • First 10 Reformer Classes:  $250 ($95 savings)
  • First 5 Mat Classes: $80 ($20 savings


PRICE:  $75 ea. / $625 for 10 Sessions/ $1100 for 20 Sessions 

Private, 50 minute, sessions are hands on and tailored for your specific goals and needs.  Experience a safe and effective Pilates workout catered to your indivdual needs and goals with private sessions!


PRICE:  $50 ea./ $412.50 for 10 Sessions

Partner, 50 minute,  sessions are the next best thing to private sessions.  Learn Pilates with a friend, while you and your partner both receive hands on instruction.  Some persons may benefit from starting with 5 private sessions before joining partner sessions. 

Note:  Private and Partner Sessions are for women and men.  Teens can take partner sessions with a parent. 

ANTI-AGING GROUP CLASSES (2-4 persons)- group classes are for women ages 50 and up!

"ANTI-AGING" REFORMER CLASSES ...beginners welcome!

PRICE: $35 ea./ $150 for 5 Classes/ $280 for 10 classes

Our anti-aging Reformer classes are designed for women to slow down and reverse the aging process naturally with exercises that improve posture, build  bones, reduce back pain, improve balance and reduce stress.  The Reformer equipment uses springs for resistance to help tone and tighten up muscles and flatten the abdominals.  Everyone works at their own pace.   

Monday at 9am, 4pm

Tuesday at 8am, 12pm

Wednesday at 10am, 4pm

Thursday at 8am, 12pm

Friday at 10am, 4pm


Mat classes are done with just your own body weight against gravity and can be very challenging especially as you progress to the intermediate and advanced levels.  Our beginner Open Level Mat class teaches a strong foundation.  Learn proper breathing, mental focus, axial lengthening, core control and correct form.  People that begin Pilates with Mat classes come into Reformer classes with a much stronger understanding and progress faster.  People who begin Pilates with only the Reformer often struggle with Matwork due to the pace, repetition and challenge that Mat classes offer. 

PRICE: $20 ea./ $100 for 5 Classes/ $160 for 10 Classes

Special! First 5 Classes for $80 ($20 savings)

Open Level Pilates Mat- Beginners welcome!

  • Tuesday at 5pm-5:45pm
  • Friday at 12:15pm-1pm 

This is the class that all newbies can begin with and it's also a great class for intermediate and advanced level Pilates students who want to freshen up on their skills and stay grounded in Pilates. .  

 Intermediate-Advanced  Level Pilates Mat With Props (NOT for beginners):  

  • Thursday at 5pm-5:45pm

After you master our Open Level  Pilates Mat Classes,  you will appreciate the flow, concentration and mental control of this intermediate-advanced level class.  This class is for women ages 50 and up. 


  • Private sessions are 50 minutes, classes are 45 minutes.
  • Payments are final; no refunds.
  • Buy 1 session or class; OR get a discount when you buy a package.  Be sure to note the expiration date on packages before your purchase:
  • A 5 pack expires 2 months after purchase; 10 packs and 20 packs expire 3 months after purchase.
  • There's a 24 hour cancelation policy on all appointments.  If you have to cancel a  session with less than 24 hour's notice, you'll be charged for missing your appt.  Please understand it's impossible for us to rebook your appt. with less than 24 hour's notice.  
  • If you frequentally cancel a regularly scheduled appointment, this may result in loss of that time slot. 
  • If there's a medical issue that prevents you from working out,  we can put a hold or a freeze on your sessions by having your doctor sign a Medical Freeze form.  This way your sessions won't expire, and we will hold them for you until your doctor clears you to do Pilates again.   
  • If you have any questions, call us for a free phone consultation.  We will explain how all our prolices and programs work before your first appointment!