PERSONAL TRAINING- 1 to 2 persons


First Session for New Clients: $50

Package of 10 Sessions: $625

Package of 20 Sessions: $1050

New clients can take their first session for $50 (50 minutes).  This 50 minute session can be for just 1 person or 2 persons together.  Please pay for this first session in person with a check or cash only (you must bring the exact amount since we don't have cash on hand).  Your first session can include Pilates with the Reformer, or personal training using any  of our studio equipment. 

Pricing is for payments by check or cash in person at the studio. If you want to pay using your credit card, please go to our Payments page (click on header above) to make a purchase. There is a 3% credit card convenience fee. 

Personal Training (for 1-2 persons) is an effective way to learn the fundamental principles of a safe exercise program. Personal training programs are tailored to your goals, needs and medical history.  If you are suffering with chronic pain or injury, it's best to start with private training first. 

Our personal training programs can include any of the following:

-Pilates Reformer and all Pilates equipment in the studio


-Pilates YUR Back (for persons with back pain; after they've completed physical therapy)

-Core Align

-Circuit Training/ Cross Training using all the studio's equipment.raining 



1 Session: $30 (pricing is per person)

10 Sessions: $235 (pricing is per person)

We accept payments in purchase at the studio by check or cash.  You may pay for group training using your credit card (for an additional convenience fee).  Credit card pricing is listed on the Payments page.   

Group training for 3-4 persons, is a great way to get results and stay motivated.  Receive personalized attention at a reduced rate when compared to personal training. Group training holds you accountable for your exercise and builds dedication, commitment and realistic lifestyle changes.  When you know someone is counting on you to be there, you'll push yourself more than you would on your own.  Strengthen your body, mind and spirit too, as you build great lasting friendships!

Our small group training classes can include:

-Pilates Mat 

-Stretching Classes/ Myofascial Release

-Circuit Training/ Cross Training using all the studio's equipment.  

-Essentrics Stretch, Release & Restore

Get your own group together or ask about joining our current group training class programs.